Holistic & Energy Healing

We offer Clinical Qigong based treatments.

Our treatment options give our clients choices, and us, the ability to tailor our treatments to match your needs.  

Prices : 

$80/hr for a single treatment .

$65 per treatment for a purchase of 6 treatments in advance.


Qigong Training

Preventive Qigong:

You will learn preventive Qigong exercise sets, both moving and static. meditation, self-care techniques,. 

Cost is $90/month, 3 classes/week 

Clinical Qigong:

You will learn the principles of healing based on Clinical Qigong theory, Clinical Qigong exercises, Qigong treatment techniques, Energy based Healing. 

Cost is $90.00/month, 3 classes/week and internship.

Kids Qigong:

We teach children how to calm their minds, increase their ability to focus. Our exercise sets will help them get stronger, more coordinated and agile.  

*Currently enrolled students receive discounts to workshops and treatments.*

Private lessons available. Call for pricing information.


We Carry Tea, Supplements, Incense, Books, DVD's and Training Equipment.

Herbs and teas ranging from $5.50 to $6.75

Patent herb pricing varies. 

Shoyeido incense prices starting at $3.95 and up 

Qigong books and videos (refer to the "Recommended Reading Section).

Qigong training equipment also available (Refer to the "In  House Products Section).