Wednesday Preventive Qigong Series

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming demonstrating a Tai Chi Qigong posture.

Tai Chi Qigong, the Internal Foundation of Tai Chi Chuan

Join us beginning November 20th for 4 classes on Tai Chi Qigong. 

Schedule Note: We will not meet the week of Thanksgiving (Nov.27th)

Open to everyone Whether you practice Tai Chi or Not!

These classes will enhance your knowledge of the function and effect of Tai Chi postures no matter what style you practice. 

They will not interfere with your training but will enhance the effect of it. 

By introducing you to the internal training and function you will understand why Tai Chi is so effective and how it does so. 

Additionally, you will learn a Tai Chi Qigong static (still) set that you can incorporate to your training as an evening practice or any time you want for that matter. It is not meant for you to stop your current training, but to enhance it.

The cost is $60.00 total and DVD's are available at a reduced price. 

Please understand that the cost remains the same if you enroll on the second class. 

No enrollment possible thereafter.   


1. Do I have to know or practice Tai Chi  to join in?

No, what you will learn are the principals that make traditional Tai Chi so beneficial. 

You will learn to breathe, stances mixed with movement and the theory behind them all in order to train the Yin (internal) Side of Tai Chi and complete your training in order to achieve Yin/Yang balance. 

This is NOT a 12 or 24 step class, it is the internal training aspect of Tai Chi. 

2. Will it interfere with my current Tai Chi Training?

No. We will be focusing on the internal aspect (Yin) that involves your organs, strength and the free flow of Qi (bioelectricity). The Tai Chi you are practicing is considered Yang or external. You will learn to incorporate these principles into your current Tai Chi style regardless of which one it is.

We do not teach Tai Chi, we teach Qigong its internal component. 

3. So why is the Internal (Yin) practice so important?

Because everything we do when we exercise, has an affect on our internal physical workings. Your postures are designed to block Qi on one side and let Qi flow freely on the other side as part of a bow and arrow stance for example. That's precisely why you always train both sides. Balance is the key!

4. Who can learn Tai Chi Qigong

Tai Chi Qigong is open to anyone who wants to learn it. In this series of classes. we will be working on postures used in Tai Chi and show you  the correct Qigong application. The exercises use postures found in Tai Chi and Qigong  alike. 

In most cases, a Qigong exercise set or individual exercise can be adapted to fit one's physical need. There's standing, sitting and supine exercises that an individual can practice without any problem. 

Additionally, our exercises can be modified for those with physical limitations because they're low-impact in nature and involve focusing rather than on 100% movement.  

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to call 918.855.4222 (please leave a message) or email

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The benefits listed are common to Personal/Preventive Qigong training . They include low-impact exercises, self-care techniques and meditation. All are time proven Qigong methods you can apply to a 20 min. daily routine. 

Please contact us about your specific concerns.

Why Choose Us

Qigong is all we do

 We have 20 years experience teaching Preventive Qigong and providing Clinical/Medical Qigong treatments. 

Our treatment and training modalities are based on time-proven techniques going back over 5,000 years and today, are referred to as traditional chinese medicine (TCM) and classic chinese medicine (CCM). 

Our Wellness Center offers the following:

Wednesday Preventive Qigong Series:

You can learn one Preventive exercise set by attending our Wednesday Preventive Qigong Series, the training is designed to teach you a single exercise set in 4 consecutive one hour sessions. 

School Enrollment:   

On the other hand, with a longer commitment, you will acquire a deeper understanding of the moves along with the potential the exercises provide. In time, you will have enough knowledge and exercise sets under your belt. you will be able to adapt those exercises to fit your current needs and set-up an exercise regime of your own.

Qigong Treatments:

Because Qigong theory is based on the whole body concept, we approach our treatment modalities from a standpoint that not only involves looking the end result of the illness ( where you are today) but we also look at the potential effect the illness has had on other parts of the body. Our approach to wellness is universal rather than localized.  

Many refer to us as complementary medicine or alternative medicine practitioners

Top: Creatin an energy (Qi) ball
Bottom: White Crane Qigong.
Top: Creatin an energy (Qi) ball Bottom: White Crane Qigong.

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