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Level 1 Qigong Training


Train at your own Pace

Private online lessons are available for those who want to learn Qigong on a one on one bassis.

Private lessons are handy for those who may want to do touch-up sessions to  previous training or simply prefer this type of setting .


The lessons are based on your requirements or needs. 

Contact us by email or phone so that we can put together a program designed specifically for you. 

Call (please leave us a message)or email us and we'll get back to you ASAP.  

Level 1 Qigong Training

Clinical Qigong Consultations

Level 1 Qigong Training


The Best  Training Package Offered!!

Level 1 training will give you the understanding you need to help yourself stay healthy. You'll learn Qigong low-impact exercise sets, self-acupressure techniques and simple Qigong therapies that are commonly used as preventive self-treatments. 

Handouts are provided for future reference with theoretical explanations and training breakdown. 

Whether you choose to advance in your Qigong training or not,  Level 1 training will give the tools you need and understanding that will pay (health) dividends for years to come.  

Call (please leave a message) or email us and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Note: In-person session required at the end of training  so as to receive your Level 1 Certificate of Completion.

Clinical Qigong Consultations

Clinical Qigong Consultations

Clinical Qigong Consultations


Get your Questions Answered Regarding your Qigong Therapy needs!

Should you be in need of Clinical Qigong treatments or advice, this is the quickest way to get started. 

Please keep in mind that health concerns cannot be dealt with over the internet. 

Qigong therapy sessions require person to person visits. 

We offer various Qigong therapy methods, Acupressure, Cupping and Energy Work and we will give you follow-up techniques to do between visits.

That being said, these consultations can be handy should you need to have some questions or concerns addressed before you decide on the path you want to take.