Wednesday Preventive Qigong Series


Tai Chi Qigong, the Internal Foundation of Tai Chi Chuan

Join us beginning November 20th for 4 classes on Tai Chi Qigong. 

Schedule Note: We will not meet the week of Thanksgiving (Nov.27th)

Open to everyone Whether you practice Tai Chi or Not!

These classes will enhance your knowledge of the function and effect of Tai Chi postures no matter what style you practice. 

They will not interfere with your training but will enhance the effect of it. 

By introducing you to the internal training and function you will understand why Tai Chi is so effective and how it does so. 

Additionally, you will learn a Tai Chi Qigong static (still) set that you can incorporate to your training as an evening practice or any time you want for that matter. It is not meant for you to stop your current training, but to enhance it.

The cost is $60.00 total and DVD's are available at a reduced price. 

Please understand that the cost remains the same if you enroll on the second class. 

No enrollment possible thereafter.   

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to call 918.855.4222 (please leave a message) or email